Countertop Types

Marble Uniques is the largest stocking fabricator in the state. Because our selection of stone changes often, we invite customers to visit our showroom in Tipton, Indiana. Our warehouse stocks approximately 500 slabs at a time. Call us today at 317-596-9786 to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form.

Our warehouse stocks an array of:

  • Granite
  • Onyx
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Soapstone
  • Standard colors
  • Exotic colors
Showroom containing excellent selection of various colors and sizes of granite

Our Process

1. [ From the Quarry ]Blocks of granite are cut from quarries from all over the world.

2. [ Selection ]And selected to meet Marble Uniques high standards. 

3. [ Process ]The granite is then cut into thin slices, polished and delivered to Marble Uniques. 

4. [ Marble Uniques Facility ]The granite is housed in our facility available for customer viewing and selection. 

5. [ Job Prep ]Once selected, your unique piece will be held for production. 

6. [ Fabrication ]The granite is cut to size according to your custom application. 

7. [ Stone Prep ]The granite is then prepped and your custom edge is formed by our skilled craftsmen. 

8. [ Cutting ]Any special cuts are made in our facility for sinks or other applications. 

9. [ Assembly ]The pieces are then assembled in our shop to insure proper fit at installation. 

10. [ Ready To Ship ]The granite is then prepared for delivery and installed by our trained professionals. 

11. [ Customer Satisfaction ]Our fabrication to installation time of approximately one week is one of the best in the industry.