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Marble Uniques Specializes in Custom Applications

Whether you are building residences or commercial buildings, you are probably looking for ways that will make your project unique and have a high-quality look. When you are working with tight deadlines on large projects, it is critical to work with experts you can trust to provide the highest-quality materials and construction knowledge that will meet the needs of your entire project.

That is where Marble Uniques comes in. We take pride in our large selection of natural stone and engineered quartz materials that add something special to any project from creating restaurant countertops to hotel lobby fireplaces. We are experts in the building and renovation process, and we know what it takes to keep a project running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

You can rely on us to be a trusted partner and to make the process as efficient as possible, so the outcome is what you and your clients expect and deserve.

• Apartment Units  • Bartops  • Conference Rooms  • Reception Desks  • And More

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